Professional performances of Jean-Pierre Martinez’s plays

Affiche TrinidadCo-founder of the website Libre Théâtre, Jean-Pierre Martinez is a French playwright of Spanish origin. He wrote over 100 plays, exploring all facets of comedy. Some plays are also available in other languages (Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, etc.). His works are published by Editions La Comédiathèque and are available in the bookstores and on online sites.

This page references some professional performances, in France and abroad (United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Iran, Switzerland, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, etc.). Click on the posters to learn more about the performances.


To be kept informed, consult the website of the author Jean-Pierre Martinez


Strip Poker: comedy and social satire (for 4).  Professional performances in Paris, Avignon, Miami, Sofia, Buenos Aires, Portugal…
Friday the 13rd:  comedy (for 3 or 4). Professional performances in Paris, Avignon, New-York, Uruguay, Argentine, Espagne, Panama, Bulgarie, Inde…
Him and Her, interactive monologue: sketchs (for 2 or more). Professional performances in Paris, Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Iran, Uruguay, Hong Kong…
Running on empty  (No fim da linha, El ultimo cartucho): drama (for 2). Professional performances en Suisse, Portugal, Espagne, Cuba, Pakistan,…
Critical but stable (Pronostico reservado) : comedy and social satire (for 5 ou 6). Professional performances in Nice, in Romania, in Argentina
Crisis and Punishment (Crisis y castigo) : between social comedy and absurd (for 4 à 6). Professional performances on the French Riviera, Honduras…
Euro star: comedy (for 2). Professional performances in Paris and Lyon
Por debajo de la mesa : policial comedy (for 3). Professional performances in Arcachon, in Panama…4 estrellas: science-fiction comedy (for 4). Professional performances in France, Switzerland, Spain… 
Milagro en el Convento de Santa María-Juana: parody (for 10 to 14). Professional performances in France, Canada, Argentina
Foto de familia: drama. Professional performances in Paris and in Spain.
Cheatersamoral comedy about literary vanity (for 3). Professional performances in Avignon


Strip Poker

Asking the new neighbours over for dinner to get to know them: a risky move that could end up costing more than it’s worth and a perfect opportunity for a poker comedy where every player must eventually show their hand.
4 characters : 2 males and 2 females
Link to the full text in FrenchEnglishSpanish, Portuguese and German.


Miami - 2015
Théâtre de Ménilmontant, Paris - 2008
Paris - 2008
Sofia (Bulgaria) 2020
Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille 2019-2022
Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2016-2018
Portugal - 2019-2020
Puerto Rico - 2020
Teatrul in Culise - Romania 2022
Puerto Rico - 2022
Liverpool - 2022
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